04 February 2014

Going Bionic With a Hip Fillet - Part 1

At last... I have a bionic hip! Two years and several diagnoses and treatments in the making, I got my first artificial joint yesterday -- a right hip. The process has been educational and enlightening and LOADS easier than expected.

I can't possibly top Steve Carell's description of the process on his recent appearance on Letterman's show, so watch this first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQSQTeza50I. My experience varied only slightly...

One O.R. nurse (pictured here) took care of my entire prep process -- stabbing me with the I.V.; giving me the stylish blue-and-green-print dress with low-cut (err, open) back and clashing yellow rubberized non-warming socks; and manscaping the region with a partially-functional disposable electric shaver.

The anesthesiologist showed up next, treated me to a relaxer via the I.V. and reviewed the routine with me. Before I knew it, I heard "Mr. Taylor, how do you feel?" and I was in the recovery area. No pain. No nausea. Great nap. Easy!

While I was being filleted, Tom was accompanied in the waiting room by our friends, DeeAnne and Debbie. I had the easy part here -- just sleep; they had the boring part -- waiting. Thanks, girls, for keeping him busy! The three of them were waiting for me in the room when they wheeled me up. The rest of the day was completely uneventful, thankfully.

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