17 February 2014

Going Bionic With a Hip Fillet - Part Deux

My stay at Methodist Hospital for Surgery was as good as you can imagine a hospital stay could be, and better than most hotel stays I've had. The staff and facilities were both top-notch. Even the food was excellent. The evening after my surgery (Monday), they brought me a breakfast menu and took my breakfast order for the next morning. Everything sounds good when you've been fasting for 18 hours. I opted for a heartiest thing on the menu -- eggs, bacon, potatoes and a biscuit. Now I just had to wait about 12 hours to get it. Much to my delight, though, David, the night shift nurse, brought me a late-night snack of peanut butter and graham crackers. There is nothing better than peanut butter to break a fast!

My first solid meal since Sunday could not have been more satisfying; breakfast was just as hearty in reality as it looked on the menu the night before. Lunch was a lovely chicken Florentine, and dinner was a tasty fettuccine primavera. Isn't it funny that whether we're on vacation or being filleted, the dominant topic of conversation is food? (And, yes, Julie Richey, even hospital asparagus has that after effect.)

I was released on Wednesday afternoon, and the recovery/rehab at home has progressed extremely well. Having been filleted two weeks ago today, I'm getting around nicely on my walker, and today started using just the cane while at home.

I have yet to settle on a name for the new bionic hip, but have gotten many excellent suggestions! More as it happens...

04 February 2014

Going Bionic With a Hip Fillet - Part 1

At last... I have a bionic hip! Two years and several diagnoses and treatments in the making, I got my first artificial joint yesterday -- a right hip. The process has been educational and enlightening and LOADS easier than expected.

I can't possibly top Steve Carell's description of the process on his recent appearance on Letterman's show, so watch this first: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQSQTeza50I. My experience varied only slightly...

One O.R. nurse (pictured here) took care of my entire prep process -- stabbing me with the I.V.; giving me the stylish blue-and-green-print dress with low-cut (err, open) back and clashing yellow rubberized non-warming socks; and manscaping the region with a partially-functional disposable electric shaver.

The anesthesiologist showed up next, treated me to a relaxer via the I.V. and reviewed the routine with me. Before I knew it, I heard "Mr. Taylor, how do you feel?" and I was in the recovery area. No pain. No nausea. Great nap. Easy!

While I was being filleted, Tom was accompanied in the waiting room by our friends, DeeAnne and Debbie. I had the easy part here -- just sleep; they had the boring part -- waiting. Thanks, girls, for keeping him busy! The three of them were waiting for me in the room when they wheeled me up. The rest of the day was completely uneventful, thankfully.